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A year later, seeking a solution to growing homelessness in the District

A year after the disappearance of Relisha Rudd from the shelter at the former D.C. General Hospital uncovered a number of problems at the facility, the city is finding that the continuing growth of homeless families in the area has no simple solution. (WaPo, 3/8)

More recently, city officials have said some changes have been made at D.C. General, such as additional case managers, extra police patrols, a new playground and improved building maintenance.

In addition, some are concerned that the city is creating a new D.C. General as it deals with a surge in homelessness this winter by sheltering several hundred families at hotels on a run-down strip of New York Avenue in Northeast Washington with little support or oversight. Another Relisha [Rudd], they say, could easily fall through the cracks.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | David Bowers of Enterprise Community Partners spoke on the WPFW’s Business Matters show this morning on the housing affordability crisis affecting the city. You can listen to the audio from the interview here. (WPFW, 3/9 [at the 4:30 minute mark])

ARTS & HUMANITIES | Although construction is behind schedule, supporters remain optimistic about the forthcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture that will be the Smithsonian Institution’s 19th museum. (WaPo, 3/6)

Related: In 2013, Dr. Lonnie Bunch, founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, spoke to our community about the enduring relevance of history to social change efforts today. (Daily, October, 2013)

Related: WRAG president Tamara Copeland also recently touched on the importance of understanding black history to move toward social justice in today’s society. (Daily, 2/2)

PHILANTHROPY | In a newly-released report on the compensation and demographics of foundation staff, the Council on Foundations found that salary increases for program officers and chief executives slightly outpaced inflation since the recession. The study also found that, with more than 40 percent of foundation employees over the age of 50, significant changes in leadership may soon be on the horizon. (Chronicle, 3/5)

TRANSIT | Transportation chief asks if troubled District streetcar system can be saved (WaPo, 3/8)

– Montgomery County leads the country’s large urban school districts in graduation rates for black male students. According to reports, in 2012 three out of every four black male students in the district had earned a high school diploma. (Gazette, 3/4)

– A new report finds that more than half of the District’s high school students were considered chronically truant during the 2013-2014 academic year. A student must accumulate 10 or more unexcused absences in order to be found chronically truant. (WaPo, 3/9)

Opinion: Don’t trust complaints that schools are too rigorous for low-income students (WaPo, 3/8)

DISTRICT | D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser discusses her plans and goals for expanding and supporting the District’s middle-class residents amid a rising wealth gap. (WBJ, 3/5)

WORKFORCE | What 27 Weeks of Unemployment Does to the American Worker (Atlantic, 3/6)

Hopefully, the brutal winter weather is long gone….but, while it’s still fresh in our memories, this must be addressed! Where do you stand?

– Ciara

Montgomery County looking for funds for truancy program…DC lacks 42 percent of streetcar budget…Wendy Spencer named to head Corporation for National and Community Service [News, 3.30.12]

– Montgomery County may look to the philanthropic community to maintain funding for the Truancy Court Program, a successful program that intervenes with chronically truant students. (Examiner, 3/30)

– Here’s an interview with Jason Kamras, Chief of Human Capital for D.C. Public Schools, about IMPACT, teacher professional development, and technology in education. (Hechinger Report, 3/28)

DC high school offers $50 gift cards for high scores on tests (WaPo, 3/29) I wish my high school had thought of that.

TRANSPORTATION | D.C. officials are still trying to figure out how to raise 42 percent of the cost of operating the H Street streetcar line for the first five years. (Examiner, 3/30).

HIV/AIDS | Opinion: Supreme Court Justices Will Determine the Fate of AIDS in America (Huffington Post, 3/28)

HOMELESSNESS | The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute looks at the potential impact of the $7 million gap in funding for homeless services in Mayor Gray’s FY 2013 budget proposal. (DCFPI, 3/29)

APPOINTMENT | Senate Confirms Wendy Spencer as CEO of National Service Agency (CNCS, 3/29)

The Montgomery County Batman story is old news now, but that doesn’t make the video of the traffic stop any less amusing.


New reports focus on youth, family employment…Who’s in charge of board performance?…Farewell to Steve Jobs [News, 10.6.11]

WORKFORCE | Two new reports from the Brookings Institute:

– A survey of 16 to 24 year-olds finds that thirty percent of low-income young adults without a college degree are unemployed and not in school – a number that far exceeds the national average. (WaPo, 10/6)

– The Fall 2011 edition of The Future of Children, from Brookings and Princeton University, looks at “the challenges parents face in taking care of family responsibilities while also holding down a job and explores the implications of those challenges for child and family wellbeing.”

Chronic truancy down at some D.C. middle schools (WaPo, 10/6)

– A French immersion school in Prince George’s County has the highest reported number of students learning Russian in the country. (WaPo, 10/6) I can’t write anything clever in Russian because they use a different alphabet!

SAFETY | In MoCo: Schools Try To Improve Pedestrian Safety (WAMU, 10/6) and  P.G. schools to try to make walking to school safer (Examiner, 10/6)

NONPROFITS | From The Meyer Foundation’s Rick Moyers: Who’s Really in Charge of Board Performance? (Chronicle, 10/6) “Ask people in the nonprofit world who is to blame for poor board performance, and you won’t get agreement. Some people say it’s the board’s fault. Others say it’s the CEO’s.”

HOMELESSNESS | Prince William County is applying for a competitive grant from HUD, worth $680,000, aimed at providing services and housing for the homeless. The county’s homelessness rate has increased 40 percent from last year. (WaPo, 10/6)

HEALTH | Report from the Urban Institute: Containing the Growth of Spending in the U.S. Health System (Urban, 10/5)

ENVIRONMENT | Dominion Virginia Power is offering a pricing discount to customers who drive plug-in electric cars. (WAMU, 10/6) Another excuse to buy a beautiful Tesla Model S!

GOODBYE | Remembering the life and philanthropy of Steve Jobs, who said, “There is no reason not to follow your heart. … Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” (WG Daily, 10/6)

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