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City of Alexandria Opens Additional Locations for Absentee Voting; Reminds Voters of COVID-19 Safety Practices

The City of Alexandria will open additional voting locations to facilitate in-person absentee voting for the November 3 general and special elections. Absentee voting will be available at the Charles Beatley Library (5005 Duke St.) from October 23 through October 31, except Sundays. Absentee voting will also be available at Minnie Howard School (3801 W. Braddock Rd.) and George Washington Middle School (1005 Mt. Vernon Ave.), on Saturdays, October 24 and 31, only.  All three locations will have ballot drop boxes available during voting hours, which vary according to the list below. 

All registered voters in Virginia are eligible to vote absentee. In Virginia, absentee voting refers to any ballot cast prior to Election Day, whether by mail, drop box, or in person. Voters are encouraged to become familiar with ballot questions and voting procedures in advance to reduce wait times at voting locations. Voters should consider all available options in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Detailed information about COVID-19 safety practices is listed below.


The deadline to cast an absentee ballot in person is Saturday, October 31, at 5 p.m. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and in accordance with local and state requirements, each person at a voting location must wear a mask over their nose and mouth, and maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others. >Read More

DC native filmmaker tackles Northeast gentrification in ‘Residue’ on Netflix

Gentrification has dramatically transformed parts of D.C. over the past decade.

Filmmaker Merawi Gerima explores the changes in the film “Residue” on Netflix, having grown up in Northeast off North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue in the Eckington neighborhood, which is now rapidly being redeveloped and rebranded as NoMa.

“Literally like everybody in the credits is from out here [in Northeast D.C.],” Gerima told WTOP. “Hella people have been like tagging me with just shots of the credits like, ‘Oh! I didn’t even know I was gonna be in the credits! I’m on Netflix!’ It’s been cool.”

The film follows the story of a young indie filmmaker named Jay, who returns home to D.C. after many years away to write a script about his childhood, only to find his former neighborhood unrecognizable and most of his childhood friends scattered to the wind.

“The neighborhood has changed beyond his recognition,” Gerima said. “Also, the folks he grew up with [are] scattered left and right, so he’s trying to try to track them down and kind of figure out his own place in this new, glittering city.”

>Read More

Report: Eastern Shore has unhealthy levels of nitrate in drinking water

Two counties on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore, where there are hundreds of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), have unhealthy levels of nitrate in drinking water, which may lead to health problems such as blue baby syndrome, thyroid disease and pregnancy complications.

More than a third of Wicomico and Worcester counties’ population, or over 56,000 residents, may have been or are currently exposed to dangerous nitrate levels, according to a recent study by The Center for Progressive Reform. >Read More

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