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Nicky Goren of the Women’s Foundation puts the minimum wage in perspective

WORKFORCE | In a Huffington Post op-ed, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation‘s Nicky Goren applauds the D.C. Council’s decision to raise the minimum wage as a step in the right direction – but reminds us that the hourly wage required to ensure economic security in D.C. is over twice what the proposed minimum wage would be (HuffPo, 12/4):

We live in a region that consistently makes “best” lists — 50 Best Cities, Best Cities to Find a Job. The truth is, those lists only apply to some of our community’s residents. For others, this has become an increasingly difficult place to live with resources that are always just out of reach.

Related: Since the federal poverty line hasn’t changed much over the years, the minimum wage increase doesn’t even come close to lifting a family of four out of poverty. This chart puts it in pretty scary perspective. (Atlantic, 12/4)

GIVING | A local Salvation Army office had $10,000 stolen after Thanksgiving. In response, they’ve received over $35,000 in pledges, including $10,000 from the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation. (WaPo, 12/5)

HIV/AIDS | The New York Times looks at some of the reasons why the HIV/AIDS epidemic has become concentrated among young black and Hispanic gay men. (NY Times, 12/4)

EQUITY | A new Pew report finds that economic mobility in urban metropolitan areas is linked to economic integration. Not surprisingly, relative to many other regions, the Washington area ranks high in economic segregation and low in economic mobility. The study also makes policy recommendations for addressing the issue (Atlantic, 12/4):

Public policies aimed at addressing economic segregation and mobility fall into two categories – housing assistance and education and skill upgrading. Both must be a part of any successful fix to this pernicious problem.

On the housing front, the study notes the need for more affordable housing. But the authors also point to the need for more innovative mixed-income development, inclusionary zoning, and metro-wide transportation and economic development.

YOUTH | Teen pregnancy rates have declined significantly throughout the United States, including in D.C. – although they are dropping much faster in some parts of the city than others. (WaPo, 12/4)

PHILANTHROPY | Philanthropy expert Lucy Bernholz’s annual Blueprint report is out, detailing her forecast for the social economy in 2014. (Grantcraft, 12/5)

Loudoun to allow nonprofits to apply for tax exemptions (WaPo, 12/5)

Nonprofit Government Contractors Still Face Late Payments, Says New Study (Chronicle, 12/5)

No Shock Here: Lots Of Jobs In Maryland And Virginia Tied To Government (WAMU, 12/4)

Federal Transit Benefit Could Be Cut In Half, Worrying Advocates And Metro (WAMU, 12/5)

I have two seasonally appropriate videos for you today. The first, a flash mob performance at a Smithsonian museum by the Air Force Band. Second, a spot-on Lego re-creation of the mall chase scene in Blues Brothers (you know, because it’s shopping season). Enjoy!

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New research shows limited economic mobility for many Americans…More affordable housing options for Hispanic seniors [News, 1.5.12]

POVERTY | A variety of recent research has shown that Americans enjoy significantly less economic mobility than people in Canada and several Western European countries, with childhood poverty and family background often correlating with low income in adulthood. (NY Times, 1/4)

AGING | A new senior center provides affordable housing options for older Hispanic adults in D.C., a growing segment of the city’s population. (WaPo, 1/4)

– The Posse Foundation has selected 61 high school seniors in the Greater Washington region to receive full tuition college scholarships. (WUSA9, 1/3)

– Jay Mathews writes about a new book from educators in Arlington County that describes how they succeeded in decreasing the achievement gap between white and black and Hispanic students in that county. (WaPo, 1/4)

Do schools need a longer school day? A debate (WaPo, 1/4)

HIV/AIDS | Researchers report that they have created the “best-yet” vaccine to protect against the AIDS virus…in monkeys (WaPo, 1/4)

WORKFORCE | Jobless rates in NoVa Lowest in Commonwealth (WAMU, 1/5)

SMART GROWTH | Are you really into regional planning and have some time to kill? Then check out PlanMaryland – the game. (Smart Growth Maryland, 1/4)

I came across this the other day and thought it was pretty cool – the stories behind some of the 20th century’s most iconic portraits.