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Virginia leads the country in percentage of uninsured

Nationwide, the number of uninsured individuals is decreasing. Virginia, however, continues to trail behind as the state is home to the largest percentage of uninsured people compared with the rest of the U.S. (WAMU, 5/26)

That’s a trend not likely to change anytime soon. The main reason for that is how the Medicaid system works in Virginia, creating the region’s strictest limits on who can qualify for health insurance for people with low income and disabilities.

“We have women who are not covered in Virginia who would be covered in Maryland or in D.C.,” says Anne Rorem at the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. “In Virginia, we see that pregnant women are covered under Medicaid up to 143 percent of the poverty level, which means that they are living above poverty. But not all that much above poverty.”

Maryland has about 12 percent of its population uninsured. In D.C., it’s 8 percent. But across the Potomac in Virginia, 14 percent of the population has no health insurance. One explanation for that is that the General Assembly has blocked efforts to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

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ENVIRONMENT | The District was named number three in a ranking of the most energy-efficient cities, just behind Boston and New York. The study, by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, recommends that the city could improve by developing “a specific energy target for drinking water and wastewater treatment services.” (WBJ, 5/22)

Related: A new initiative has been launched in Prince George’s County, under the banner of the Community Wealth Building Initiative (CWBI), known as the Community CleanWater Management Group, Inc. The  business is geared toward clean water services. Read more about the first CWBI business in the region here. (Daily, 2/18)

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From Vision to Reality

by Tamara Copeland
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

It feels good to have a good news story every now and then. Here’s one.

Over the past year, we have provided periodic updates on the planning phase of the Metropolitan Washington Community Wealth Building Initiative (CWBI) led by City First Enterprises (CFE); however, none of those updates compares to this one.

Late last year, the CWBI incorporated its first company, the Community Clean Water Management Group (CCMG). Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland, CCMG will provide stormwater management maintenance and monitoring services to both anchor institutions and private clients. Within the next few months, CCMG will announce its founding Chief Executive Officer and will begin identifying, interviewing and hiring employee-owners.

Now that’s a success story.

So how did it happen?

Almost four years ago, grantmakers in our region learned of an initiative in Cleveland focused on getting people out of poverty. The local grantmakers met with leaders of the Cleveland initiative to learn more. Based on those conversations, a feasibility study was commissioned to determine the viability of launching, and the interest in participating in,  a community wealth building initiative in our region. And now, that dream has come to life: a CWBI-inspired business created initially to serve an anchor institution, Prince George’s County, is now reality.

While the first business is focused on clean water and is located in Prince George’s County, the CWBI is neither a Maryland initiative, nor is it a clean water initiative. It is a regional initiative focused on creating quality, wealth-building opportunities – through either the creation of businesses or the provision of goods or services to existing businesses — for harder-to-employ people.

If you are an anchor organization – a government, a hospital, a university – interested in learning more about CWBI opportunities, contact Andria Seneviratne at City First Enterprises.

This is the catalytic role that philanthropy often plays. Congratulations to the grantmakers who had a vision and made it a reality.