Virginia education advocates praise measures to get rid of ‘School to Prison Pipeline’

By Brent Solomon | Posted: Mon 2:44 PM, Feb 24, 2020

The General Assembly approved two new measures last week.

One will get rid of the option schools currently have to insist students are charged with disorderly conduct if they act up in school, which is a misdemeanor. The second measure will give school leaders more power to decide whether a student’s behavior really constitutes a need to get the police involved. Both proposals are now in the hands of the governor.

“In Virginia, they have actually called the police on children in elementary schools and have had them arrested for their behavior and discipline,” said Dr. Marla Crawford of Elite Educational Consulting.

She’s praising the actions of the General Assembly, which just passed Senate Bill 729 and Senate Bill 3. Both eliminate what some education advocates call the “school to jail pipeline.”

“If a child is in the school fighting, and it may be just a simple interaction among children, but they can be charged with assault…We need to look at the overhaul of how we’re educating youth in Virginia,” said Crawford.
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