Women’s Suffrage Museum Offers A Learning Experience For All


The Lucy Burns Museum will appeal to women’s suffrage experts and people who know little about the long fight for the right to vote.

By Mark Hand, Patch Staff  |  Updated Feb 5, 2020 8:08 pm ET

LORTON, VA — A new museum in Lorton, named the Lucy Burns Museum and located at the old Lorton Correctional facility, will appeal to both women’s suffrage history buffs and people who know little about how women fought long and hard to win the right to vote.

The opening of the museum on Jan. 25 was timed perfectly with the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the Virginia General Assembly. Two days after the museum opened, state lawmakers completed ratification of the ERA. The museum is free of charge, although it costs $5 to tour prison cells located behind the museum in the same building, a tour well worth the fee.

Although the museum is now welcoming visitors, its grand opening celebration is scheduled for May 9. Anyone interested in learning more about the history of the women’s suffrage movement, though, may not want to wait for the May 9 festivities to visit — although the grand opening will be a good excuse for a return visit to the museum.
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