Can education planning in the District benefit from new data technology?

– DC’s deputy mayor of education Paul Kihn hopes that a new digital tool will help alleviate the patchwork of solutions that are developed when numerous individuals and departments are reviewing data to make critical planning decisions about education in the District. (WAMU, 6/4)

The tool, called EdScape, uses data visualization to show enrollment trends, the location of specialized schools, transportation access, new housing developments, school quality and how full buildings are … which should all be factors in getting decision-makers on the same page so they can rely on numbers when debating where and when to open charter schools or when to fix up existing public schools … “We’re trying to elevate the use of facts to inform our conversations about the kind of planning decisions that we are making,” Kihn says.

–  What Is Seclusion And Restraint? Explaining The Controversial School Discipline Practice. (WAMU, 6/3)

CULTURE | DC Council bill would make go-go music the ‘official music of the District’ (WaPo, 6/4)

TRANSIT | Amtrak is upgrading a 31-mile stretch of track between DC and Baltimore as it gets ready for the next generation of high speed Acela Express trains, scheduled to start in 2021. (WTOP, 6/4)

GUN VIOLENCE | After Virginia Beach shooting, governor calls for special session on gun control (WaPo, 6/4)

VIRGINIA | The Arlington County neighborhood known as “Nauck,” named after a white developer with no ties to the community who was in the Confederate army, will be renamed to its former name of  “Green Valley” as it was originally founded by African Americans before the Civil War. (WaPo, 6/3)

COMMUNITY | The Boeing Company has made a $10 million donation to Arlington County to support the continuing expansion of Long Bridge Park in their backyard. (WBJ, 6/5)

WOMEN/RACE | What took so long for women to win the right to vote? Racism is one reason. (WaPo, 6/2)

HEALTH/EQUITY | Maryland’s female inmates were supposed to receive free tampons, but they are still paying. (WaPo, 6/5)

EVENT | On June 18 Giving USA will release its annual report on philanthropy at DC VERGE. Speakers at the event include WRAG’s president & CEO, Dr. Madye Henson, Bruce McNamer, president & CEO of the Greater Washington Community Foundation, and other local leaders. Event details can be found here.

– During Ramadan, growing Muslim philanthropy enters the spotlight (Religion News Service, 6/1)

A Decapitated Triceratops?! 

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