The connection between high asthma rates and poor housing conditions in the District

– According to Dr. Ankoor Shah, medical director of the Children’s National Medical Center, the District has an “epidemic” child asthma problem that is exacerbated by poor housing conditions and disproportionately affects low-income children of color, specifically in Wards 7 and 8. (CP, 5/22)

Shah rattles off the statistics: Fourteen percent of children in DC have asthma, and Children’s National takes the bulk of those cases … and emergency room data show that children who live in Ward 8 have 20 to 25 times the number of ER visits, total, as their counterparts who live in more affluent Northwest neighborhoods … same with hospitalization rates for asthma, which are 10 times higher for Ward 8 kids … and exacerbating, if not directly contributing, to these asthma cases are poor housing conditions, Shah says.

– Bowser and DC Council offer competing visions on affordable-housing crisis (WaPo, 5/22)

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PHILANTHROPY | Billionaire Robert Smith, who pledged to wipe out the student debt of nearly 400 Morehouse College graduates this week, also plans to help African-American students get involved in internX, where STEM students can connect with companies looking to ensure their interns are drawn from a diverse pool of students. (Chronicle, 5/2)

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