Fairfax County may help undocumented immigrants fight deportation

IMMIGRATION | A publicly-funded legal defense fund for immigrants caught in deportation proceedings is under consideration in Fairfax County. This program would be part of a growing effort by local governments to counter the current administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants. (WaPo, 4/10)

Advocates argue that a proposed $200,000 pilot program aimed at assisting low-income immigrants — both undocumented and those in the country legally — would send a strong message that the county does not agree with the spike in immigration arrests that has spread fear in local communities.“ Fairfax has an opportunity to be a regional leader in ensuring that its immigrant residents have access to due process in our nation’s immigration courts,” said immigration consultant Jose Magaña-Salgado.

WRAG | Time flies. In a final blog post before her retirement from WRAG, Tamara Lucas Copeland reflects on her 12 years leading the organization. (Daily, 4/11)

Related: Two local organizations are honoring Tamara’s leadership at upcoming events. On April 29th, Fair Chance is naming Tamara as their 2019 Community Champion. And, the Nonprofit Village is recognizing Tamara with the Chairman’s Award on May 3rd.

HOUSING | DC’s Attorney General is going after bad landlords, and housing advocates are happy to see it. (WAMU, 4/8)

DC/GENTRIFICATION | After the community mobilized around #DontMuteDC, go-go is back at the Metro PCS store in Shaw. The store had turned off the music, which has been a mainstay on that corner for years, after residents in a new development complained. (WAMU, 4/10)

– The Maryland General Assembly approved a two-year, $700-million boost in funding for the state’s public schools, some of which will be used for free pre-K programs across the state. (WAMU, 4/9)

– Families in the Greater DC region are on the hunt for affordable child care. (WAMU, 4/8)

– Opinion: The need to teach our children about the dangers of hate-laced speech against Muslims (WaPo, 4/9)

Supreme Court Says Discrimination Is OK — If You’re a Muslim (Truthout, 4/7)

Greater Good: Lessons from Those Who Have Started Major Grantmaking Organizations (CEP, 4/10)

– The Kresge Foundation has announced that a quarter of its US assets will be invested with firms owned by people of color or women by 2025. The decision is based on equity, opportunity, and returns. (Chronicle, 4/4)

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