Equitable development planning and the importance of historical context

EQUITY/PLANNING |  In a recent report on the 11th Street Bridge Park in the District, the authors, Mary Bogle, Somala Diby and Mychal Cohen chose to open it with a focus on community history and economic development in and around Wards 7 and 8 rather than the data about homes purchased, local small businesses assisted, construction worker trainees placed, or pounds of fruit and vegetables harvested. (Next City, 3/7)

Those are the wards with the highest poverty rates and highest percentage of black residents in the District, and compared with Ward 6 on the other side of the future Bridge Park, dramatically lower rates of higher education, and much higher rent burdens. “It’s difficult to talk about achieving equity in the present day without taking a nod to the way that structural racism has manifested,” says Diby. “We can talk really generally about how structural racism manifests in space, but to lay it out explicitly, to show how this is not accidental, there’s a reason why this part of the city is facing what it’s been facing … that’s powerful.”

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