Children in the District coping with “generational gun violence”

PUBLIC SAFETY/GUN VIOLENCE | Children in Southeast DC recently saw the death of a 15 year old friend and mentor. Approximately 160 people, including 13 minors, were killed last year, the majority in Southeast. The TraRon Center after-school community anti-gun violence program is working to help kids deal with trauma through art and therapy. (WAMU, 3/6)

Ryane Nickens launched the program [which is] modeled after her own experiences with gun violence, including the shooting deaths of two siblings. “It’s affirming … that love just doesn’t come from mom and dad or their family, but they have a community” Nickens said… Even before the shooting, the program incorporated art and group therapy to help the kids, mostly elementary and middle school-aged, deal with the trauma of what Nickens called “generational gun violence.”

United Philanthropy Forum members and colleagues share powerful stories of the role that racial equity plays in their personal lives in a newly released video.

– They were raised to be ‘colorblind’ — but now more white parents are learning to talk about race (WaPo, 2/27)

– An elementary school in Ashburn, Virginia has increased security after peaceful protesters entered the school’s office without authorization several days ago over an insensitive Black History Month exercise. (WTOP, 3/5)

– DC Council Votes To Approve A New Schools Chancellor (WAMU, 3/5)

– Many elite colleges have committed to enrolling more low-income students, but, a new book argues, their efforts at inclusivity still fall short. (NPR, 3/5)

POVERTY | The Greater DC Diaper Bank Gives Away Almost 2 Million Diapers Every Year (WAMU, 3/6)

A new bill in DC would fine landlords who don’t take housing vouchers (dcist, 3/5)

– Legislation to increase a popular tax break for homeowners in the District was stopped after critiques that the proposal would disproportionately help the wealthy and would be better spent on targeted tax relief for the poor and middle class or on programs addressing homelessness or economic inequality. (WaPo, 3/5)

HEALTHSenate panel warns of dangers of anti-vaccine movement (WaPo, 3/5)

COMMUNITY | The Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum will soon close for seven months for renovations. (WAMU, 3/4)

Say it isn’t so – this year could be our last Preakness.

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