The District failed to spend allotted federal funds on lead paint hazards

HOUSING/HEALTH | Until four months ago, the District had a program called Lead Safe Washington operated out of DC’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), that would help low-income tenants remediate lead-based paint hazards in older rental properties. The program has been restructured after repeatedly failing to utilize allotted federal funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. (CP, 2/21)

Anne Cunningham, senior attorney at the Children’s Law Center says  “the loss of this grant [funding] is emblematic of the broader problem about how we approach lead in DC.” …She estimates that between previously awarded funds that went unspent and losing out on future grant money, DC has lost or forfeited about $7.6 million that it could have used to remediate lead hazards in older housing units.  “We just clearly did not use this resource that could have been so useful.”

CENSUS | Democrats and Republicans agree that adding a citizen question will render the 2020 Census inaccurate. (CityLab, 2/22)

-Emmett Till’s Murder, and How America Remembers Its Darkest Moments (NY Times, 2/20) As WRAG has focused on racial equity over the past several years, we have tried to highlight the importance of understanding and acknowledging the history of racism in America. Participants on WRAG and LGW’s 2019 Civil Rights Learning Journey will visit several of the sites featured in this New York Times piece. To learn more about this trip, click here.

– Students from Hightstown High School in New Jersey drafted a bill calling for the release of civil rights cold-case files. (WaPo, 2/23)

WORKFORCE | Amazon hopes to hire most of HQ2 locally (WBJ, 2/22)

ENVIRONMENT | A technique called “greening” is being used in DC to keep raw sewage out of Rock Creek. (WAMU, 2/22)

– The Greater Washington region needs better transportation among the suburbs, and here’s why. (GGW, 2/21)

– Metro’s deja vu debate over late hours keeps happening because people keep forgetting (WaPo, 2/24)

EDUCATION | Overworked Teachers And Budget Transparency Addressed In New DCPS Budget Proposal (WAMU, 2/21)

NONPROFITS/PHILANTHROPY | GrantAdvisor, a Yelp-like site that rates the nation’s charitable foundations, encourages dialogue between nonprofits and foundations. (NPQ, 2/22)

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