New housing unit for adults with disabilities underway in Rockville

DISABILITY RIGHTS| As the number of children with developmental disabilities increases and housing becomes limited after age 21, projects focused on adults with disabilities are growing across the country. (WaPo, 2/12)

Waiting lists for group homes are long, and the homes are not a good fit for everyone. Living alone with a caregiver can be isolating and potentially dangerous. Meanwhile, the need for housing solutions is growing. The CDC said in 2018 that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and in the next 10 years an estimated 500,000 people with autism will enter adulthood, with almost 424,000 on waiting lists for residential services, according to Kim Musheno, vice president of public policy for the Autism Society of America.

– Debate Over Charter School Transparency Rooted In DC’s Struggle For Local Governance (WAMU, 2/12)

– Acting schools chancellor Lewis Ferebee testified this week before the DC Council and got a glimpse into the politics that may await him if he is confirmed as chancellor of the DC public school system. (WaPo, 2/12)

– Blackface is just a symptom of American medicine’s racist past (WaPo, 2/12)

– Wilson High School in DC is considering changing the name, based on the former President’s policies and prejudices. (WAMU, 2/13)

HEALTH | Virginia moves closer to raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. (WaPo, 2/12)

– Under a new plan being proposed by Metro, the agency would subsidize an Uber, Lyft or other on-demand trip to fill the late-night service gap for workers. (WaPo, 2/13)

– Transit Equity Day was celebrated across the country this year on February 4 in honor of Rosa Parks, and is focusing on transit as a civil rights issue and a component of a climate-safe future. (NPQ, 2/4)

LGBTQIA+  | Having experienced harassment in the past, a homophobic pamphlet was recently found in The Washington Blade newspaper, the city’s free LGBTQIA+ newspaper. (DCist, 2/12)

NONPROFITS | Nonprofit Workforce Study Finds Strengths in Growth, Pay, and Resilience (NPQ, 2/7)

PHILANTHROPY | How Foundations Can Help Opportunity Zone Communities Succeed (SSIR, 2/7)

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