Should traditional public schools and charters have to follow the same rules?

– A proposal in DC to force charter schools to make data and information more public has catalyzed the debate about traditional public schools and charters following the same rules. The debate in DC, which has over 100 charter schools and where almost half of the city’s public school students attend them, is focused on how much access the public should have to information about and from charter schools. (WaPo, 2/4)

“They are public schools, and they should be equally public and accountable,” said Scott Goldstein, executive director of EmpowerEd, a teacher advocacy group that is circulating a petition calling on charter schools to be more transparent. “The community wants to engage and be part of the conversation.”

– Mayor Bowser has asked the DC Council to use $54.9 million in funds earmarked for the renovation of the one public ice rink in the city and use it for emergency fixes on 21 schools, and the community is pushing back. (WAMU, 2/1)

RACE | A recent Black History Month panel discussion in Prince George’s County focused on ways African Americans have influenced the country and the world, and delved into a local twist to black cultural rebirth during the Great Migration. (WTOP, 2/2)

HEALTH | In 2015 DC had promising results through an innovative program working to get those who overdosed on opioids into treatment for a two-month period, and then it stopped. (City Paper, 1/31)

– The population growth in DC is slowing down. (WAMU, 1/31)

– The DC Fiscal Policy Institute recommends DC budget considerations focus on affordable homes, strong schools, good roads, and quality jobs, and highlights the budget as a key tool for addressing the racial and economic inequities the city. (DC Fiscal Policy Institute, 1/31)

HOUSING | America’s Housing Affordability Crisis Only Getting Worse (Forbes, 1/31)

NONPROFITS/RACIAL EQUITY | Race to Lead: Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector, just released by the Building Movement Project, highlights the intersection of barriers facing women of color in nonprofits.

– The Foundation Center and GuideStar have announced they have joined forces, and will now operate as a single new nonprofit organization called Candid.

– “It’s Very Empowering.” Latino Giving Circles Are on the Rise (Inside Philanthropy, 1/31)

Harvard’s top astronomer won’t stop talking about aliens possibly being among us.

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