Maryland residents eligible for food benefit program aren’t participating

POVERTY | According to a new report by Maryland Hunger Solutions, a nonprofit working to end hunger in the state, over 200,000 people in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties who are eligible for SNAP, the food assistance program, are not using it. Participation has dropped steadily because many Marylanders are unaware of the program or believe they don’t qualify. And, many immigrant families are afraid of the federal government, particularly due to the proposal to change the “public charge” rule. (WAMU, 1/21)

Most people assume the reason why others don’t apply has to do with a growing economy. “The simplest reason that most people usually go to is that the economy is better, people are getting more jobs, they’re making more income,” said Michael J. Wilson, the nonprofit’s director. “In fact, that is a small part of it, but it’s not the major part.”

HOMELESSNESS | On the coldest day of the year so far the District saw a big spike in demand for homeless services. (CP, 1/21)

LGBTQIA | Several LGBTQIA bills in Virginia are gaining new supporters. (WaPo, 1/15)

– Rick Moyers, formerly at the Meyer Foundation and former co-chair of WRAG’s Racial Equity Working Group, writes about what it really means for nonprofit boards to work on diversity. (RM, 1/19)

– The Racial Wealth Gap Could Become a 2020 Litmus Test (CityLab, 1/16)

– Alexandria city officials warned about the dangers posed by the illegal use of narcotics after four people overdosed on opioids this weekend. (WaPo, 1/21)

– The government shutdown is affecting the health of federal workers. (NPR, 1/18)

– The Virginia Senate rejected a proposal that would have raised the state’s minimum wage from the current $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour over five years. (WaPo, 1/21)

Two Northern Virginia Lawmakers Push Bill Requiring 12 Weeks Of Paid Family Leave For All Workers (WAMU, 1/14)

– A case is being made by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy for general operating foundation support, noting that a reliance on program grants limits the effectiveness of foundation grantees, and themselves.

– How Can Philanthropy Advance Martin Luther King’s Goals? 13 Leaders Weigh In (Chronicle, 1/18)

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