Bill to protect tenants in evictions faces criticism from landlords

HOUSING | Maryland Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins will introduce a bill to restrict evictions to certain types of tenant violations, including breach of a lease and disorderly conduct. The bill will also guarantee at least a 60-day notice of eviction. Landlords in the state say the bill will make it harder to evict tenants. (Bethesda Beat, 12/5)

State legislation that would require Montgomery County landlords to provide “just cause,” for issuing evictions has drawn ire from apartment managers and apartment associations, who fear the bill would incumber the process of evicting “problem tenants.”

During the hearing [for the bill], both proponents and opponents testified on the bill, with a dozen people voicing opposition. Ron Wineholt, the vice president of government affairs for the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington, said that in his observation, “99 percent of tenants” pay their rent on time and abide by the terms of the lease. With the 60-day required notice, he worries that Wilkins’ bill could prolong an already lengthy process of evicting “problem tenants,” interfering with the quiet enjoyment of the property by other tenants.

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