How important healthcare access is to personal financial health

– A new paper analyzing the link between personal financial security and access to health insurance found that the Affordable Care Act has helped boost the financial health of low-income citizens. (Citylab, 12/4)

Health insurance helps people avoid huge out-of-pocket medical costs. And preventative care helps people avoid lost wages from missing work, a big part of the benefit for low-income households. But health insurance also helps prevent the cascade of financial damage that unpaid medical bills can inflict, by preserving credit scores.

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RACIAL EQUITY | Tamara Lucas Copeland, WRAG’s president, shares with a new audience, Washington Monthly readers, the origins of the Putting Racism on the Table Series and its impact on philanthropy. Read it here. (Daily, 12/5)

MARYLAND | Nancy Navarro, who was recently elected for a second term as president of Montgomery County Council, outlines her priorities for the county. (WaPo, 12/4)

– The Heising-Simons Foundation, the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, and Foundation Center are launching an effort to map the last ten years of philanthropic giving in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education. (PND Blog, 12/4)

Report: 60 percent of graduates sampled in Md. school system excessively absent (WaPo, 12/4)

PUBLIC SAFETY | How the DC Department of Behavioral Health’s outreach team is working to address the K2 epidemic the city is experiencing. (WAMU, 12/4)

BUDGET | In Battle Over The Funds From Online Sales Taxes, Cutting Commercial Property Taxes Wins Out Over Homeless Services (DCist, 12/4)

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