The region comes together after anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue

– On Saturday, a gunman shot and killed 11 people who were worshiping at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. This weekend Jewish people and their allies came together across the country, and here in the region, to mourn the lives lost and to call for an end to anti-Semitism. (WaPo, 10/28)

Security was tightened at synagogues and other places of worship across the area, with police cars parked outside and officers inside greeting congregants attending worship and Hebrew classes and special events honoring the victims.

From pulpits, religious leaders emphasized unity and the defeat of hate. Elected officials, including D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), called for dialogue and an end to hostility toward the nation’s most vulnerable. There were calls for more “sensible” gun control laws and more resources for mental-health awareness.

– WRAG member Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, co-founder of the Mizrahi Family Charitable Trust, shares what we can do to combat anti-Semitism and hate. (Daily, 10/29)

EDUCATION | A new study by The New Teacher Project suggests that schools hold some of the blame for students being unprepared for post-secondary life after graduation. (Fast Company, 10/22)

– A study analyzing if unions have a role in influencing whether or not women take advantage of work benefits found that women who belong to unions are more likely to take maternity leave than those without union representation. (Atlantic, 10/29)

Here Comes A Plan To Repeal The Repeal Of Initiative 77 (DCist, 10/29)

ENVIRONMENT | Grantmakers are doing more than investing dollars to address climate change. (Conversation, 10/25)

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