DC residents organize to support a Mt. Pleasant grocer

BUSINESS | Residents and community advocates in DC’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood recently organized a benefit concert for a local grocer, BestWorld, after it was rumored that CVS was looking to purchase the property. (Citylab, 10/24)

“On any given day [at BestWorld], you will see brown people, black people, Asian people, rich people, poor people—it’s accessible to everyone,” says Mariel Garcia, the community organizer who assembled the benefit. “I can’t think of anywhere else in D.C. where you can go and buy jackfruit, African fufu powder, Jamaican jerk seasoning, and noodles for your Korean barbecue.”

Residents fear that selling out to CVS would also mean losing the Salvadoran restaurant next door, whose property belongs to the same landlord, Michael Choi. (His decision to lease an adjacent space to a Subway restaurant prompted emoji-filled protests a few years back.) A CVS could spell doom for an independent pharmacy across the street, as well as other spots on the strip. As community organizer Dawne Langford points out, even discounting Mount Pleasant’s existing pharmacy, there’s already another CVS about four blocks east and a different one less than a mile away.

Wells Fargo has announced that it will increase its charitable giving in DC to a total of $1.6 billion over the next five years. (WBJ, 10/23)

– CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield will give $2.1 million to eleven community health organizations in the Greater Washington region that are supporting addiction treatment. (Baltimore Sun, 10/24)

– The Immigration Film Festival, the longest continually running festival showing films that highlight the immigrant experience, will begin screening films this weekend. (WCP, 10/24)

– Rain, The First Art Installation At The NoMa Underpass, Is (Finally) Being Unveiled (DCist, 10/24)

EDUCATION | A recent analysis found that the District’s teacher turnover rate is high. Now teachers are speaking out about why they leave. (WTOP, 10/24)

TRANSGENDER RIGHTS | Column: Ruby Corado, founder of CASA Ruby, a drop-in center and shelter for LGBTQIA people in the District, discusses the administration’s plan to erase transgender people. (WaPo, 10/24)

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– Kendra