How the region is addressing its affordable housing needs

– According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, DC, Maryland and Virginia would need to add 350,000 housing units to meet its affordable-housing needs. The Greater Washington region is taking steps to address this issue, including funding more government programs and growing partnerships between the private and nonprofit sector. (WAMU, 10/24)

Some say there are other solutions that could nibble away at the problem, like updating zoning to accommodate denser, taller development in neighborhoods dominated by single-family homes. Dense construction is more cost-effective, and it could help satisfy demand, thereby lowering housing prices. But densification is no easy fix: It tends to set off local resistance — often called NIMBYism — among residents who fear increased traffic, noise or changes to neighborhood “character.”

Other solutions could come from the private sector. Many for-profit entities have already embraced affordable housing. Mega-developer JBG Smith, alongside the Federal City Council, recently launched the Washington Housing Initiative, with a goal to support construction of “workforce housing,” or homes priced for local families earning between $70,000 and $117,200.

– Tenants, landlords and advocates push back against three recent bills meant to address the process of evictions in DC. (Street Sense Media, 10/18)

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT | Prince George’s approves public finance system for local candidates (WaPo, 10/24)

TRANSPORTATION | The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is considering expanding parking fees at Metro stations. (WAMU, 10/23)

ENVIRONMENT | Prince William County is building a solar farm, which will be the largest one in the region. (Prince William Times, 10/23)

DISABILITY | The US’s first signing Starbucks opened on H Street this weekend. Check out the space here. (DCist, 10/23)

CHILDREN AND YOUTHThe Towns Where Trick-or-Treaters May Run Afoul of the Law (Citylab, 10/24)

Have you been watching Gaithersburg resident and Blair High School graduate Erik Agard compete on Jeopardy this week?

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