The racial divide in the Greater Washington region’s schools

– Recently released data suggests that a racial divide exists in educational opportunity, attainment and school discipline practices in the Greater Washington region. It found that Black students in DC charter and traditional public schools are 11.7 times more likely than white students to be disciplined, and Montgomery County has the second highest rate of suspensions for Black students (WAMU, 10/18)

Jacqueline Naves, the supervisor of pupil personnel services at Prince George’s County says her district’s focus on the “root causes” of behavioral issues is what has driven down the number of suspensions.

“It might be the child is misbehaving in school because of other factors that are happening to them. It could be something at home like maybe they didn’t have enough to eat,” says Naves, [whose] department works with partners to provide students with food. They have also recently hired someone in the central office whose fulltime job is to help educators figure out how to respond to negative classroom behavior in positive ways.

– An analysis of the average student debt burden in the US found that in large cities with a substantial population of young and low-income borrowers, their debt burden can exceed 10 percent. (Citylab, 10/19)

CRIMINAL JUSTICE | In a speech on Sunday, Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring called for reform to the state’s cash bond system because many nonviolent, low-risk defendants are jailed due to their inability to afford bail. (WaPo, 10/21)

IMMIGRATIOND.C. Attorney General Sues ICE For Information About Arrests In The District (WAMU, 10/22)

CSR | Laura Howard, senior program manager of community benefit at Kaiser Permanente, discusses how her participation in the 2017 Institute for CSR has enhanced her knowledge and ensured her work supports the goals of her organization. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 10/22)

HOUSINGHUD can’t fix exclusionary zoning by withholding Community Development Block Grant funds (Brookings, 10/15)

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