A new ‘Opportunity Atlas’ analyzes economic mobility across the country

INCOME | The Census Bureau and Opportunity Insights, a research and policy group based at Harvard University, have partnered to create the Opportunity Atlas, a map that allows users to see the economic prospects of children in certain areas of the US based on variables like incarceration rates, median household income, and others. (Citylab, 10/1)

The map reaffirms that neighborhoods matter, but also provides insights into how much and why. “Having that granularity of data really starts to help us ask questions that policymakers weren’t able to ask and answer in precise ways before,” said David Williams, the policy director of Opportunity Insights, a partnership between economists at Harvard University and Brown University that created the map.

Generally, the good neighborhoods tend to have some combination of a few quantifiable traits: less economic and racial segregation, less inequality, better performing schools, lower crime, and more two-parent families. Intangible factors like “social cohesion” may also be at play, Williams said.

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