DC Council may overturn tipped wage vote

WORKFORCE | Yesterday, the DC Council held a hearing on the repeal of the tipped wage ballot initiative, which a majority of voters supported a few months ago. Over 250 people signed up to offer testimony, and the Council heard from proponents and opponents of the repeal. Check out Washington City Paper’s live coverage of the hearing here. (WCP, 9/17)

Katharine Lanfield is a social worker who says she has seen how our inequitable economic system makes life difficult for low-income workers and calls the move to repeal 77 an attack on the democratic process as well as low-wage workers. She asks, “Is there any other industry in which the customers, rather than the employers, are responsible for paying a worker’s wages?” “Tipped workers are not earning a fair wage from their employers and it’s fully in our power to right their wrong,” she adds.

Anita Bonds, the only councilmember in the room, asked Lanfield for more information.

“When I hear restaurant owners and managers talk about how a change like this is unsustainable, all I can think is how unsustainable it is to live on poverty-level wages,” she says.

HOMELESSNESS | Funders Together to End Homelessness has issued a statement regarding Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s announcement that he will begin funding homelessness initiatives. (Funders Together, 9/14)

RACIAL EQUITY | Dr. Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism and one of WRAG’s Putting Racism on the Table speakers, discusses how white people are raised to be racially illiterate and how they can combat this. (NBC News, 9/16)

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PHILANTHROPY | Brandon Iracks-Edelin discusses his experience as a Newman’s Own Foundation Fellow at United Philanthropy Forum. (NoGoodFellows, 9/14)

IMMIGRATIONMontgomery County Funds Three Groups Providing Legal Help To Immigrants Facing Deportation (WAMU, 9/17)

POVERTY | DC Policy Center explores the trends in concentrated poverty in the Greater Washington region from 1970 to 2015 in a new blog post. (DC Policy Center, 9/13)

TRANSITBusiness leaders warn that the Washington region’s inadequate bus system is stifling growth (WaPo, 9/18)

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