Seeing the loss of creative spaces, DC artists look towards Maryland

ARTS & CULTURE | Over the past year, artists in DC have seen the spaces they are able to create in and show their work dwindling, either from the increased cost of rent or the impact of the building being redeveloped. The loss has driven some to Maryland in search of better opportunities. (WCP, 9/6)

Where might area artists find it easier to keep their doors open while advancing a mission? It could be in Maryland. In nearby Prince George’s County, there are numerous business incentives and grant opportunities for arts organizations. While D.C. offers grants for individuals, nonprofits, and specific projects through the DC Commision on Arts and Humanities, Prince George’s County tends to have more support for facilities and businesses that aren’t 501(c)(3)s.

As such, Hyattsville and the Gateway Arts District along Route 1 are dotted with commercial buildings and storage facilities that have been converted to artist studios and independent creative businesses.

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Today is National Read a Book Day! I’m re-reading Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith. What are you reading?

– Kendra