How Virginia can ensure school districts are funded equitably

EDUCATION | According to a recent National Center for Education Statistics report, Virginia and Maryland are among six states where the wealthiest school districts receive more funding per student than the poorest districts. The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis has released a blog post on how Virginia can better fund schools with a high poverty population. (TCI, 8/28)

Virginia does target some extra state support to schools with high percentages of low-income students through its At-Risk Add-On program, which provides between 1-13 percent more in basic aid per student eligible for free lunch. But given the funding gap that this new national report reveals, this approach is clearly not sufficient to make up for the difference between high-poverty and low-poverty school divisions.

Rather than relying so heavily on student enrollment to allocate state funding to school divisions, Virginia should follow the lead of other states that use need-based allocations. This model would use weights to adjust per student funding based on economic status, English language proficiency, or student disability. Most states take this approach to more equitably distribute education funding to divisions.

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