How to combat displacement by building community wealth

– The Democracy Collaborative has released a new report, Community Control of Land and Housing, which explores the different strategies and tools that can be used to help create inclusive, participatory, and sustainable economies built on community ownership. (Democracy Collaborative, 8/20)

Land and housing are two of the most important cornerstones of any modern society—and a basic human need. In the United States, land and housing have long served as an economic engine and one of the primary sources of wealth and stability for a great number of people. However, a historical legacy of displacement and exclusion, firmly rooted in racism and discriminatory public policy, has fundamentally restricted access and shaped ownership dynamics, particularly for people of color and low-income communities.

– In a Health Affairs blog, Brian C. Castrucci, CEO of de Beaumont Foundation, Loel Solomon, vice president of community health at Kaiser Permanente, and Shelley Hearne, president of CityHealth, write about the use of inclusionary zoning as a tool to ensure affordable housing. (Health Affairs, 8/20)

HUMAN RIGHTS | People who are incarcerated across the US are launching a strike today on the anniversary of the death of Black Panther member George Jackson, who was killed while incarcerated. They are calling for an end to prison slavery, poor living conditions, death by incarceration, and others. (Nation, 8/21)

– Prince William County is expecting 13,500 residents to become eligible for Medicaid next year. (InsideNOVA, 8/18)

The Secret to Keeping Black Men Healthy? Maybe Black Doctors (NYT, 8/20)

RACISM | On the Citizen ED blog, Justin Cohen advises other white people on how to address casual racism they may experience in their communities or workplaces. (Citizen ED, 8/16)

ECONOMY | The Problem Behind the D.C. Mayor’s Retort to Donald Trump (Citylab, 8/16)

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