Activists and community members urge DC not to demolish a building on DC General’s campus

HOMELESSNESS | Over 30 protesters gathered outside DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser’s home yesterday morning to protest the demolition of a building next to the DC General shelter. Activists are concerned that the families who are still being housed at the shelter could be exposed to harmful toxins from the demolition. (WAMU, 7/30)

The protesters, who took part in a mock demolition of a cardboard-box building and threw flour in the air to simulate construction dust, said they worry of the possible impacts of this month’s planned demolition of the three-story Building 9 — including possible lead and asbestos dust — on families living at the D.C. General family homeless shelter, which is 250 feet away.

“There are about 250 youths still living there. And we know that the area itself, as well as the building specifically, is known for having lead and other neurotoxins. The demolition of it can absolutely increase the likelihood of those young children being exposed to what we know are unhealthy toxins and rodents. And so we’re simply asking her to wait until all the families are moved,” said Samantha Davis, one of the protesters.

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– Kendra