This Virginia school is teaching students life skills through a cooking contest

EDUCATION | This summer, students at a Virginia school for youth who have emotional or behavioral challenges and learning disabilities are participating in a cooking contest much like “Chopped,” the television show. School officials are using the contest to teach the students more independence. (WaPo, 7/29)

The summer challenge doubles as an outlet for students to practice social skills they learn at school, said Corinne Bolder, the extended-school-year program supervisor at Phillips… Many of the Annandale students get lessons on handling feedback and expressing feelings appropriately.

“This is life skills,” said Bolder, who conceived the idea for the cooking challenge. “Every kid needs to learn to cook and be independent.”

HEALTH/CRIMINAL JUSTICE | Virginia’s new pilot program will offer pre-release treatment and post-release support for returning citizens with a history of opioid addiction. (Richmond Times, 7/27)

HOUSING | A new report explores the rate of vacant homes in the US and explains why it is the country’s other housing crisis. (Citylab, 7/27)

ENVIRONMENT | A new report from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments found that although the region has reduced the level of greenhouse gas emissions by about 10 percent below the 2005 levels, it still falls short in meeting the overall goal. (WAMU, 7/27)

NONPROFITS | Opinion: How the IRS’s Stance on Donor Disclosure Corrupts the Nonprofit World (Chronicle, 7/26)

TECHNOLOGY | The DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment has proposed a new rule to stop cable and internet providers from collecting and selling their DC customers’ browsing data without their permission. (WAMU, 7/30)

TRANSIT | Are you still wondering why you keep hearing the “This is a 7000-series train” announcements when you’re boarding the train? Well, here’s the reason behind it. (WaPo, 7/29)

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