These young artists are painting the US as they see it

– An art exhibit called “Total Tolerance”, which is located at the US Department of Education in DC, displays the artwork of youth who are dealing with racism, transphobia, xenophobia, and more inside and outside their schools. (WaPo, 6/3)

“I wanted to make the painting look pretty, but you can tell by the expression of the models in the painting that they are in fear,” said Solis, a 16-year-old junior from Miami who is gay. “They’re in fear of society telling them what they can’t wear or how they have to act. I want people to know that they have to be true to themselves, be who they are. Especially now.”

That sense of urgency, of the need to address these issues immediately, is expressed, too, by the other artists in the exhibit, which is presented by the Education Department in coordination with the National YoungArts Foundation, a Miami nonprofit organization.

– How Arena Stage contributed to the redevelopment of DC’s southwest community, including the Wharf. (WAMU, 6/4)

PHILANTHROPY & NONPROFITS | On June 21, WRAG, along with the Weissberg Foundation, GEO, NCRP, and United Philanthropy Forum, will sponsor a local “Get a BEER* and Undo Nonprofit Power Dynamics Day” happy hour. This informal event was created by nonprofit blogger Vu Le in an attempt to change the power dynamic between funders and their grantee partners (details here). Today on the blog, Amanda O’Meara of the Weissberg Foundation and Adventure Theatre’s Michael Bobbitt reflect on how they have broken down the power imbalance through their shared work on racial equity and why they hope their colleagues will attend this event. (Daily, 6/4)

ADVOCACY | David Biemesderfer, president & CEO of the United Philanthropy Forum, urges funders to use their voices to uplift the value of the nonprofit sector to our society. (Center for Effective Philanthropy, 5/29)

FOOD INSECURITYDC Ordered to Get Food-Stamp Program in Shape (Courthouse News Service, 6/1)

– A new report found that, in Washington, DC, African Americans are 2.2 times as likely to be denied a home mortgage loan compared to whites, and Latinx are 1.9 times as likely to be denied. (GGWash, 5/31)

– The Undesign the Redline exhibit, which explores the history of structural racism in housing in the US using redlining maps, has made its way back to DC. Check out the exhibit between June 4 – June 29.

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