Virginia has voted to expand Medicaid

HEALTHCARE | Advocates and residents have worked for five years to convince Virginia’s lawmakers that all of its residents deserve access to healthcare, and yesterday their efforts paid off. Virginia’s General Assembly voted to expand Medicaid in the state, making health insurance available to 400,000 low-income residents. (WaPo, 5/30)

Virginia’s existing Medicaid program is one of the least generous in the nation. To be eligible, a disabled individual can make no more than $9,700 a year. The cutoff for a family of three is $6,900. Able-bodied, childless adults are not eligible, no matter how poor.

Under the Affordable Care Act, Virginia can raise those income limits to $16,750 a year for a disabled person or able-bodied adult, and $28,700 for a family of three.

EDUCATION/ PHILANTHROPY | Robert Grimm, director of University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute, discusses their recent analysis on volunteer rates between high school and college students and how the school encourages its students to be socially engaged, including through its partnership with WRAG with the Philanthropy Fellows program. (Fast Company, 5/25)

LGBTQIA RIGHTSLGBTQ People Suffered Traumatic Treatments at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the Mentally Ill (WCP, 5/31)

RACIAL EQUITY | Earlier this week, we featured the story of a civil rights lawyer who filed a lawsuit alleging that the District discriminated against Black residents. Yanique Redwood, president and CEO of Consumer Health Foundation and chair of WRAG’s board, responded to a quote in the article that implied the the fact that Black residents were being pushed out is “capitalism”. (CHF Blog, 5/30)

EDUCATION | A study from the Institute of Education Sciences found that the math scores of DC students who used vouchers to attend private schools were significantly worse than their public school peers. (WaPo, 5/30)

ENVIRONMENTWhat’s delaying greater improvements to Chesapeake Bay water quality? (WTOP, 5/30)

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