Virginia’s General Assembly expected to vote for Medicaid expansion this week

– Virginia’s General Assembly is expected to vote to expand Medicaid, which would allow 400,000 residents to access healthcare, this week. The Washington Post has profiled a few of the people who would benefit from the program. (WaPo, 5/21)

Many of the Virginians who would qualify for Medicaid defy the stereotype that recipients do not work and just want a handout. Many have jobs but still cannot afford insurance. Others are too sick to work.

And while expansion foes fear the cost of expanding Medicaid, keeping people off can be costly as well.

– Lacking access to health care impacts undocumented immigrants with life-threatening diseases and the doctors who have to turn them away. (NPR, 5/21)

PUBLIC SAFETY | Here’s a history of how loitering laws have been used to keep individuals who are “othered” (such as poor or Black and brown communities) out of white spaces. (Citylab, 5/21)

TRANSPORTATION | A Washington Post analysis of 49 states and DC found that more than 7 million people have had their driver’s licenses suspended because they were unable to pay court fees. (WaPo, 5/19)

EDUCATIONMontgomery County Sees Early Success In Effort To Diversify Schools’ Gifted Programs (WAMU, 5/21)

WORKFORCE | Advocates worry that a recent Supreme Court ruling that companies can require workers to settle employment disputes through individual arbitration could make it harder to push other complaints such as discrimination. (WaPo, 5/21)

The US Postal Service is finally giving us scratch and sniff stamps. They will be designed by two Alexandria artists. Are you ready?

– Kendra