Is the Greater Washington region prepared for Amazon’s new headquarters?

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT | Officials in the Greater Washington region are excited that we are the only region listed as a possible place for Amazon to locate its newest headquarters, but residents are concerned about the potential impact on traffic, an already stressed housing market and others. (WaPo, 5/12)

…many residents fear that winning the prize would actually exacerbate all the things they hate about living in the region: horrendous traffic, expensive housing, crowded schools and gentrification. The area consistently ranks near the top in surveys of the nation’s worst traffic congestion. It has failed to keep up with demand for low- and moderate-priced housing — a challenge that also concerns Amazon, according to local development officials who have spoken with the company’s representatives.

ARTS & HUMANITIES | Senior positions in museums that are normally filled by white males are now going to women, but these institutions are still struggling with racial and ethnic diversity. (Guardian, 5/7)

FOOD INSECURITY | Schools and organizations in Northern Virginia are working to help feed students that are experiencing food insecurity. (WaPo, 5/13)

HOUSINGPrivate-Sector Solution to Affordable Housing Gets Off the Ground (WSJ, 4/26 – Subscription needed)

– A police panel has ruled that the DC police officer who fatally shot a Black motorist should be fired. (WTOP, 5/11)

– This Virginia organization helps returning citizens transition into society after they are released. (WTOP, 5/13)

TRANSPORTATION | Fairfax County is switching from diesel-powered school buses to electric, battery-powered ones to improve the health of students and the environment. (WAMU, 5/14)

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