Restaurant owners and employees weigh in on DC’s tipped minimum wage vote

WORKFORCE | Next month, District residents will vote on whether to increase the minimum wage for tipped workers to $15 an hour. While some workers support the initiative, restaurant owners and some workers believe that if DC votes yes, it will cause businesses to shut down and end the practice of tipping. (WCP, 5/9)

According to May 2017 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 8,440 servers in D.C. Their hourly mean wage is $17.48 ($36,370 annually). By contrast, their median wage is $11.86. That means half of servers earn less than $12. The numbers increase for bartenders, of which there are 4,290 in D.C. Their mean hourly wage is $18.29 ($38,050 annually), while their median hourly wage is $15.05. These figures include tips, though restaurants don’t always report their employees’ tips accurately, especially if they’re in cash form.

EQUITY | In response to Montgomery County’s recent passing of a racial equity resolution, a lawmaker offered that racial inequities could be addressed by “growing private-sector jobs and wages.” Temi F. Bennett, director of policy and communication at Consumer Health Foundation, discusses why this particular strategy won’t address racial inequities in the county. (CHF Blog, 5/2)

IMMIGRATION | The administration is proposing new regulations for the treatment of immigrant children detained at the border. (WaPo, 5/9)

TRANSPORTATIONCVS to end SmarTrip sales and other Metro card services heavily used by low-income riders (WaPo, 5/9)

HOUSING | DC Council has introduced legislation that would create rules for the storage and removal of the property of evicted families. (WCP, 5/3)

– Twenty artists are beautifying a neighborhood in northeast DC through an international mural festival. (WAMU, 5/10)

– NIH scientists, arts experts take note of music’s impact on brain (WTOP, 5/10)

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