New Equal Justice Initiative museum memorializes America’s lynching victims

–  The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, a museum in Montgomery, Alabama opened by the Equal Justice Initiative, uses sculpture, art, and design to memorialize known and unknown lynching victims in America. (Yes!Magazine, 4/26)

By including women in the historical narrative of lynching, the new memorial in Alabama reveals a more complete understanding of this devastating social practice.

The monument sheds light in an unprecedented and innovative way on the reasons and circumstances surrounding the death and torture of countless victims, including women and children, who suffered at the hands of vigilante mobs. By unearthing the soil and pinpointing the counties where such cruel and inhumane acts were committed, the monument sends a powerful message and conveys to its audience a desire for deeper understanding.

Related for WRAG Members: WRAG and Leadership Greater Washington are pleased to announce its Memphis to Birmingham Civil Rights Learning Journey this fall. Throughout the Putting Racism on the Table series, we have underscored the importance of understanding the history of race in America. WRAG & LGW members are invited to explore history first-hand on a learning journey through the South from September 23 to September 27.

We’ll visit the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Southern Poverty Law Center, the Equal Justice Initiative National Memorial for Peace and Justice and more. Learn more.

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