These Virginia students successfully pushed for more mental health resources in their school

MENTAL HEALTH | Teens in a Virginia high school saw how the stress of school and other life factors was impacting their lives and the lives of their peers, and decided to do something to help. They lobbied and successfully helped pass a law requiring mental health instruction for the state’s ninth and tenth graders. (WaPo, 4/23)

The Albemarle County students have their own ideas for what they would like to see emerge from the law. They want to understand the science behind mental health, let students know where they can turn in times of trouble and shed negative connotations associated with talking about mental well-being.

“The problem isn’t that students are doing too much,” said Moreno, a senior at Western Albemarle High School. “The problem is that students are doing too much, and they don’t have individuals in place that can help them deal with the stress and anxiety that come with that. A bad day turns into a bad week and turns into a bad month.”

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