How the new citizenship question will impact Langley Park

2020 CENSUS  | Langley Park, MD has one of the highest percentage of noncitizen residents in any US city: 80% of the men and over 50% of the women. Residents, advocates, and lawmakers are all concerned about how the addition of a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census will impact their community. (WaPo, 4/16)

The decision to include the question has generated alarm in ethnic media and in states where many noncitizens live. Even though it is illegal for the Census Bureau to share information with other federal agencies, immigrants’ advocates say some fear the question — coming as President Trump has vowed to aggressively enforce immigration laws — will be used to find and deport them. If those immigrants therefore refuse to fill out the census survey, it could trigger an undercount that would deprive jurisdictions — including those that voted for Trump — of a share of political power and federal funds for roads, bridges and schools.

RACIAL EQUITY | In the second session of WRAG and Leadership Greater Washington’s Putting Racism on the Table: Expanding the Table for Racial Equity series, Dr. Robin DiAngelo discussed the way race shapes the lives of white people, why it is so hard for white people to see racism, and common white racial patterns that prevent us from moving towards racial equity.  Click here to watch the video and download the accompanying discussion and viewing guides.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT/PHILANTHROPY | Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation, asks why the #MeToo movement hasn’t come to the philanthropic sector and urges grantmakers to increase funding for gender-based violence. (PND Blog, 4/16)

– Today, the Montgomery County Council will vote on whether to award funding to the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition to provide legal services to immigrants facing deportation. (WaPo, 4/16)

– A federal judge has banned a new Justice Department policy that rewarded local police departments for increased cooperation with ICE. (NextCity, 4/16)

HEALTH CARE | Maryland’s ACA exchange moves forward with plan to lower premiums, stabilize insurance marketplace (WBJ, 4/17)

PUBLIC SAFETY | Armed with the belief that if police officers knew black history it may help them better police black communities, the Metropolitan Police Department is requiring a mandatory training course on black history for its officers. (Washingtonian, 4/16)

Related: Dr. Bernard Demczuk, retired professor from George Washington University, is one of two people teaching this course on critical race theory to police officers. Watch Dr. Demczuk discuss DC’s racial history at the kick off of this year’s Putting Racism on the Table series here.

EDUCATIONLimited School Funding Can Lead to the Misuse of Extra Resources for Low-Income Students: A Closer Look at ‘At-Risk’ Funds (DCFPI, 4/13)

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