Why an accurate Census is important

CENSUS 2020 | Data from the decennial census drive key decisions made by federal and local government, businesses, nonprofits, and philanthropy. When people aren’t counted, they become politically invisible. Read more about why we need an accurate Census. (NYT, 3/27)

An undercount of the population would have far-reaching implications. It could skew the data that are used to determine how many congressional representatives each state gets and their representation in state legislatures and local government bodies. It would shape how billions of dollars a year are allocated, including for schools and hospitals. It would undermine the integrity of a wide variety of economic data and other statistics that businesses, researchers and policymakers depend on to make decisions, including the numbers that underpin the forecasts for Social Security beneficiaries.

Related Event: We are now less than two years away from “Census Day,” April 1st, 2020. Funders are invited to join this nation-wide webinar about why the Census matters and the role that philanthropy can play in ensuring a fair and accurate count. Register for the webinar here.

RACIAL EQUITY | In the second session of WRAG’s and Leadership Greater Washington‘s Putting Racism on the Table: Expanding the Table for Racial Equity series, Dr. Ibram Kendi, author of Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, discussed how structural racism is constructed by the interplay of racist ideas and racist policies. Watch the video here and click here for the accompanying viewing guide.

– Maryland lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit employers from asking job applicants about their salary history. (WAMU, 3/29)

How Andra ‘AJ’ Johnson Will Bolster Black Ownership of D.C. Bars and Restaurants (WCP, 3/29)

PHILANTHROPY | The Hewlett Foundation has announced that it will give $10 million to help fund research into the spread of disinformation on social media platforms. (Nieman Lab, 3/28)

HOMELESSNESS | A group of homeless individuals have filed a class-action lawsuit against the DC Government, saying that the city threw away their belongings after it cleared away their tents. (WaPo, 3/29)

ENVIRONMENT | Potomac River gets highest ‘grade’ yet, but still not swimmable, fishable (WTOP, 3/29)

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