Advocates wonder if DC General should close this year

HOMELESSNESS | A few years ago, DC’s mayor announced her plans to close DC General and replace it with smaller shelters throughout the city. Advocates are concerned that the District will be putting some homeless families at risk if DC General closes this year because the other shelters are not ready. (WAMU, 3/14)

“Closing D.C. General is not an end unto itself,” said Amber Harding of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. “If D.C. General is closed in a way that risks the health and safety of the families who live there and other families who need shelter in D.C., then the injustice of placing families there in the first place will be compounded, not alleviated.”

City officials said Bowser’s goal for closing the shelter was always 2018, and that improvements in the rest of the homeless services system and the coming replacement shelters offered the city the chance to make good on that pledge.

AFFORDABLE HOUSINGCiti gave $4.71 billion in funding to affordable housing properties in 2017, making it the top affordable housing lender in the US for the eighth year. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Capital One are also among the top lenders. (AHF, 2/28)

EDUCATION | Montgomery County, MD students in recovery will soon have another resource to help them continue their education. (Bethesda Beat, 3/14)

IMPACT INVESTING | The Nathan Cummings Foundation has announced that it will put its entire endowment in investments that are creating social change. (Chronicle, 3/13 – Subscription needed)

IMMIGRATION | A federal judge in DC is considering ordering the administration to restart the DACA program. (WaPo, 3/14)

HEALTHD.C. has a high maternal mortality rate. Lawmakers want to know why. (WaPo, 3/14)

– The Environmental Film Festival is returning to the region this week. Check out the films here. (WTOP, 3/15)

– Activists urge Maryland to stop ‘Potomac Pipeline’ ahead of key deadline (WaPo, 3/14)

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