This is how the social sector can defend new attacks to the Johnson Amendment

ADVOCACY | Today and tomorrow, WRAG members are participating in Foundations on the Hill to talk with their Congressional representatives about the issues that impact the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. In this interview, Tim Delaney, president of the National Council of Nonprofits, advises nonprofits and philanthropic organizations on Congress’ renewed efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment. (NPQ, 3/9)

…there is great urgency for nonprofits and foundations to engage immediately. Here’s why: The well-funded forces trying to politicize the 501c3 community against our will learned last year—thanks to engaged advocacy by charitable nonprofits, houses of worship, and foundations—that they cannot jam their desires through the process as a free-standing bill. So now they are trying to avoid a straight up-down vote by attaching their anti-Johnson Amendment language to the upcoming spending bill. That bill must pass by March 23rd to keep the federal government from running out of money and shutting down for a third time this year.

RACIAL EQUITY | Hanh Le, co-chair of WRAG’s Racial Equity Working Group and executive director of the Weissberg Foundation, and Jayne Park, executive director of IMPACT Silver Spring, report on the community conversation the Racial Equity Working Group and IMPACT Silver Spring held  in October 2017 to envision a racially equitable Montgomery County. (Daily, 3/13)

WORKFORCEDC launches effort to train workers for high-paying infrastructure jobs (WTOP, 3/12)

HEALTH CARE| Many states that were once against Medicaid expansion are now considering it because of reforms such as work requirements, but these new restrictions may lead to less coverage. (Atlantic, 3/13)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | The National Endowment for the Arts and the Bureau of Economic Analysis have partnered to create a report on the cultural sector’s impact on the US economy. You can use this tool to explore your state’s data.

PUBLIC SAFETY | Column: The nation is focused on students and gun violence. But kids in urban schools want to know, where’s everybody been? (WaPo, 3/12)

NONPROFITS | The Lab @ DC is hosting its second Formapalooza, a public event to make DC government forms more user-friendly. You can nominate forms and learn more here.

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