Tenants and advocates worry about the potential rollback of TOPA in DC

– For almost 40 years, DC residents have used the Tenants Opportunity to Purchase Act which allows renters of apartments or single-family homes the first right to buy when the homeowner decides to sell. This morning, DC Council will consider a bill that would exclude single-family homes from the act. (WAMU, 3/5)

The proposed change has drawn fierce criticism from tenant advocates and affordable housing groups, who say that single-family homes are an important part of the city’s housing stock and should not be cut out of TOPA.

“We do believe that single-family homes are an important source of affordable housing in the District, particularly for families looking for larger-bedroom units,” said Beth Harrison of the Legal Aid Society of D.C. “We fear that by rolling back tenant rights and the right to purchase that more of these units will go to other purposes than affordable housing.”

– DC has hired its first affordable housing preservation officer to identify opportunities to preserve affordable housing in the city. (WCP, 3/5)

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– Kendra