Can DC afford to implement a universal basic income?

ECONOMY | When DC was considering the minimum wage increase, Council Chairman Phil Mendelson and Councilmember David Grosso asked the DC Council’s budget office to study the possible impact of universal basic income in the city. According to the recently released study, DC may not be able to afford the program. (WAMU, 3/5)

 Yesim Sayin Taylor, [executive director of the D.C. Policy Center], who formerly worked in the office of the city’s chief financial officer, says that any conversation around a universal basic income would represent a new way of thinking in the city when it comes to help low-income residents.

“Basically we would switch our thinking, saying people know best how they can spend the money. We will get out of the business of telling them what to do and just give them the cash. I don’t know if there is such a feeling in the District,” she said.

PHILANTHROPY |  Tamara Lucas Copeland, WRAG’s president, discusses why better alignment between investment policy and grantmaking goals will lead to greater social impact for foundations. (Daily, 3/5)

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HOUSING | Maryland housing advocates and landlords are at odds after a bill that would have helped tenants facing evictions failed in the legislature. (Baltimore Sun, 3/5)

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NONPROFITS | A new Social Velocity blog discuses the “nonprofit savior complex” and how to address it. (Social Velocity, 2/28)

PUBLIC SAFETY | Advocates in the District, including Black Lives Matter DC, are calling for the DC Council to hold a hearing on the racism and violence perpetrated by the DC police department. (WCP, 3/2)

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