Mapping the state of childhood trauma in the US

YOUTH/MENTAL HEALTH | Due to the recurrence of school shootings and the increased scrutiny of the impact of having an incarcerated parent, the state of mental health for youth has received more attention. Child Trends has released a report exploring the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in the US. (NPR, 2/27)

American school shootings are a relatively rare form of childhood trauma—albeit less so than they used to be. But many other experiences that can cause lasting psychological damage, such as parental incarceration and economic hardship, are relatively common. Indeed, a new report from Child Trends, a Bethesda, Maryland, nonprofit that conducts research on improving children’s lives, found that almost half of all American children have experienced at least one potentially traumatic “adverse childhood experience,” or ACE.

The most prevalent ACEs that American children experience are economic hardship and divorce or separation of a parent or guardian. Nationally, one in every ten kids has experienced three or more ACEs.

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Yesterday, Maryland native Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors player, joined his team in a trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture with some local children from his old neighborhood.

– Kendra