For those with disabilities or older residents, getting around the Greater Washington region is a struggle

TRANSPORTATION | Older residents and those with disabilities in the Greater Washington region’s suburbs have a difficult time getting to appointments or completing errands because there are limited public transit options. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments is offering funding to groups working to address the transportation needs of these two populations. (WAMU, 2/12)

Census data mapped by the Council of Governments shows that disabled populations are concentrated in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, and in the District’s Wards 7 and 8, east of the Anacostia River.

Seniors are spread out throughout the suburbs, and their numbers are growing. Wendy Klancher, who works for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments refers to the trend as “the silver tsunami.”

EDUCATION | DC officials respond after the administration announces a proposal to cut federal funding for the DC Tuition Assistance Grant program which helps many residents of color and low-income residents afford college. (WAMU, 2/12)

HEALTHVirginia House passes Medicaid work requirements at session midpoint (WaPo, 2/13)

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | Dalila Wilson-Scott, senior vice president of community investment for Comcast NBCUniversal and the president of the Comcast Foundation, discusses her social impact work and the changing nature of corporate civic engagement. (NationSwell, 2/8)

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PHILANTHROPY | Bill Gates discusses the grantmaking strategies of his and his wife’s foundation and how they plan to approach funding for fighting poverty. (NPR, 2/13)

– As energy costs have increased across the country, so has the burden on low-income residents who pay energy bills for homes that aren’t energy efficient. (Citylab, 2/13)

Opinion: Foundations Are Losing the Fight Against Climate Change (Chronicle, 2/13 – Subscription needed)

Did you see a robin or a squirrel today? According to these Valentine’s Day superstitions, that would mean your future partner could be a crime fighter or a cheapskate.

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