Fighting for a living wage in Northern Virginia’s school system

– When we talk about salaries and education, most of the time we are referring to educators, but what about the school healthcare workers, custodians, and bus drivers? In Loudoun County, officials are realizing how many of these workers are living near the poverty level and are working to increase their wages. (WaPo, 1/28)

In Loudoun County and other wealthy suburbs, some of those employees … have to work second or third jobs. And even then, they can’t afford to live in the communities they serve because of high housing costs.

Loudoun schools are moving to address lagging pay, with increases proposed for next year. But employees and educators say that’s insufficient.

“If these people are important enough to work for our kids, why aren’t they important enough to be paid a living wage?” said David Palanzi, president of the Loudoun Education Association, a local federation of school employees.

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