Virginia anxiously awaits for a decision on CHIP as another deadline approaches

CHILDREN / HEALTH CARE | Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program ran out on September 30. Hoping that Congress will approve funding on December 8, the Department of Medical Assistance Services, which uses CHIP funds to run Virginia’s program, has yet to notify families that their children will lose coverage after January 31. (Richmond Times, 12/3)

“We don’t want to send a letter Dec. 1 and then Congress act by Dec. 8,” said Linda Nablo, deputy director of DMAS, which runs Medicaid in Virginia. “At this point, it’s going to be a week-by-week, day-by-day judgment call, still knowing we need to give families a lot of notice because we are still saying we can’t cover any services after Jan. 31.”

But Nablo also wants to avoid unnecessarily scaring or confusing families. If a letter goes out too late, it could arrive around the holidays and be lost or ignored. If it goes out too soon and Congress does act within the next few weeks, families may get the first letter saying the program is ending, but not the second saying it is continuing.

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