A new report reveals “islands of disadvantage” in Northern Virginia

POVERTY | A new report, commissioned by the Northern Virginia Health Foundation and authored by the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University, explores the disadvantages communities face by census tract in Northern Virginia. The report found that opportunity for social and economic mobility varies dramatically across the region. (WTOP, 11/28)

The study found that life expectancy differs as much as 18 years between the areas of prosperity and low-income neighborhoods. Dr. Steven Woolf [of the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health] said African-Americans and Hispanics are overrepresented in the disadvantaged areas, contrasting with areas of affluence largely occupied by whites and Asians.

CHARITABLE GIVING | Gretchen Greiner-Lott, WRAG’s vice president, breaks down the impact of the proposed tax reform bill on charitable giving. (Daily, 11/28)

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HEALTH CARE | DC’s Providence Hospital closed its maternity ward in October, now expectant mother’s are forced to find another hospital and doctor. (WAMU, 11/21)

ENVIRONMENT/ WORKFORCE | In Prince George’s, meeting storm water regulations means investing in small, local businesses (WaPo, 11/23)

EDUCATION | District school leaders react to a proposed bill to prohibit out-of-school suspensions for minor offenses. (WaPo, 11/22)

TRANSGENDER RIGHTS | Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the government must allow transgender people to join the military starting on January 1, 2018. (NBC, 11/27)

On #GivingTuesday, the National Museum of American History tells the history of philanthropy by prominent and regular citizens.

– Kendra