Why segregation in the District’s school system persists

– A new report by the Albert Shanker Institute has found that DC’s private school enrollment is contributing to the city’s school segregation. The report, which used information from the 2011-2012 school year, discovered that white students made up almost 60% of private school enrollment compared to 28% for black students and only 8% for Hispanic students. (WaPo, 11/24)

The study recommends that the city’s public schools continue to work to attract more private school families and that private schools work to increase diversity, using scholarships and financial aid to recruit more students of color. Without changing the imbalance of demographics between public and private schools, “there may be what amounts to an impermeable ceiling on the citywide impact of big city public school integration efforts,” the report concludes.

– The DC Tuition Assistance Grant program, which helps low-income and middle-class DC residents afford college, is now facing funding cuts. (WaPo, 11/21)

FOOD INSECURITY | DC Central Kitchen’s chief operating officer Mike Curtin discusses why just feeding hungry people will not end hunger and how the organization is addressing the underlying factors that lead to a person being hungry, including poverty. (National Geographic, 11/21)

PHILANTHROPYWhy More Philanthropists Are Giving Before They Die (Atlantic, 11/26)

FAMILIES | A new Prince George’s County program will allow domestic violence victims to access funds to help them escape their living situations before they are granted a protective order. (WaPo, 11/26)

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | DC has established a $10 million private-public fund to acquire and preserve the city’s affordable housing. (WaPo, 11/26)

LGBTQ RIGHTS | The Human Rights Campaign has released its annual report that analyzes how inclusive local laws, policies, and services are of LGBTQ residents. See how Virginia and Maryland scored here. (HRC, 11/21)

TRANSITIn major change, Metro to no longer allow negative SmarTrip balances (WTOP, 11/24)

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