What does philanthropy look like in the Greater Washington region?

NONPROFITS | As foundations and other grantmaking institutions in the Greater Washington region become more strategic with their funding, area nonprofits are forced to adapt to a new, more competitive normal. Members of the WRAG community, including WRAG’s president Tamara Lucas Copeland, the Greater Washington Community Foundation‘s president and CEO Bruce McNamer, and the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation‘s president and CEO Nicky Goren, commented on the changing field in this article. (WBJ, 11/14)

“When the recession hit, the philanthropic community was very mindful of their resources and how to target their resources more effectively,” says Tamara Copeland, president of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

Copeland, whose association works with more than 100 Greater Washington foundations and corporate giving programs, says she heard many conversations within the WRAG community about who was funding which organization, and which organizations needed the most support.

“At that time, there was a lessening of support to new organizations and more of a laser focus,” Copeland says.

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Today is National Philanthropy Day! Will you celebrate?

– Kendra