Local community health center is bringing the doctor’s office to patients

HEALTH CARE | Mary’s Center, a community health center with locations in DC and Maryland, is ensuring its Medicaid patients can access its services by offering telemedicine options. The center has a new pilot program where medical assistants will go to a patient’s house for their doctor’s appointment and the doctor will talk to the patient through a webcam. (WAMU, 11/13)

Dennis Lebron Dolman is one of those patients. He went to a health screening fair over the summer, where Mary’s Center Medical Assistant Grace Kelly took his blood pressure. It was dangerously high: 180 over 100 — stroke-level high.

He hated doctor’s offices and didn’t want to go in to get treatment. So Kelly talked him into an alternative: she would come to him, with a clinic in a suitcase (a scale, blood pressure monitor, virtual stethoscope), and a laptop to connect virtually with a doctor across town.

RACIAL EQUITY | WRAG and a coalition of other organizations have partnered with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) to begin a deliberately focused conversation with government officials in our region about racial equity. Tamara Lucas Copeland, WRAG president, discusses why government officials should come to the meeting on December 1, 2017. (Daily, 11/13)

PHILANTHROPYOpinion: Deepak Bhargava, president of the Center for Community Change, encourages philanthropy to stand in solidarity with grantee partners as many social justice organizations face threats and attacks. (Chronicle, 10/8 – Subscription needed)

Related: This year, WRAG, through our Program & Policy Committee, has examined how we can have more of a voice on the issues that matter in the region. In the 2017 edition of Our Region, Our Giving, released last week, we look at how WRAG members are using their dollars, as well as their voices, to support advocacy efforts in the region — work that has become even more important over the past year.

– Prince George’s County, MD has joined a growing list of cities and counties that are investing public money toward defending immigrants against deportation. (NPR, 11/12)

– DC High School Students Take Over Senate Office Building for DACA Protest (Washingtonian, 11/9)

TRANSIT | The DC Council is considering decriminalizing fare evasion on the Metro rail and bus service. (WaPo, 11/12)

VETERANS/EDUCATION | The University of Maryland College Park has announced that it will waive application fees for veterans and current service members. (WTOP, 11/10)

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