America’s eviction problem is growing

HOUSING | Apartment List has released a new report that aims to accurately measure the rate of evictions in the US and who they impact the most. The report found that Black households and households with children (regardless of one or two parents) are most likely to be at risk for eviction. (Citylab, 10/30)

…if you start controlling for educational attainment, it’s still black households that are most at risk. “Even looking at households that have a four-year degree, we found that six percent of black households faced eviction versus just three percent of white households—that rate is double,” says Salviati. “And that same breakdown holds at all levels of educational attainment.”

Perhaps the starkest finding is that it’s families with children who are the most vulnerable of all—almost twice as many households with kids reported a difficulty in paying rent within the past three months compared to those without. Single parents with children face the highest rates of eviction, at 30.1 percent, but married couples with children aren’t far behind, at 27.2 percent.

– The Campaign for Black Male Achievement is working to increase commitment to health and well-being in black communities by using storytelling and other strategies to increase awareness and encourage dialogue. (PND Blog, 10/31)

– Native Americans, among the most harmed by the opioid epidemic, are often left out of conversation (WaPo, 10/30)

NONPROFITS | How United Way Worldwide continues to raise donations during a time when donors are more interested in the contentious issues that keep occurring. (Chronicle, 11/1 – Subscription needed)

PUBLIC SERVICE AWARDS | The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation has partnered with the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership to recognize outstanding performance and exemplary service by DC government employees. Nominations are being accepted now.

TRANSPORTATION | The DC Policy Center has created a scale to measure how easy it is to live in the District without a car. (DC Policy Center, 10/31)

Today is National Calzone Day! So go celebrate a food which many in the fictional Pawnee, Indiana would say is pointless.

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